Scarborough: New Polling Shows Voters Are Blaming Trump for the Shutdown

‘47% of Americans hold Donald Trump responsible while other 33% blame Democrats in Congress’


SCARBOROUGH: “That was President Trump claiming that federal employees were telling him, 'Keep the government shutdown. We're on your side.' Two days later, the President is now claiming those same federal workers under financial stress from the shutdown are not even members of his own party. He tweeted, quote, 'Do the Democrats realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?' He’s confused. What a surprise. Just 17 days ago, President Trump, remember this, he said that he would take the mantle of a government shutdown. That he would take the blame of a government shutdown. And there were a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill who were really upset because they knew how this was going to end. They knew that the President’s reckless words, they knew that the President being baited and looking foolish in front of Chuck Schumer would end up hurting them in the end. And according to new polling left and right, those Republicans were right and so was Donald Trump. Voters are blaming him for the shutdown. And a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the shutdown began found that 47 percent of Americans hold Donald Trump responsible while only 33 percent blame Democrats in Congress. About 7 percent blame congressional Republicans.”

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