Lauren Claffey: Dems Oppose the Wall Because They See It as a Symbol of the Racist View They Think Trump Harbors

‘Democrats have said that they would support border security, just more personnel’


CLAFFEY: “That is mostly because the wall has become the symbol for this populist anti-immigrant sentiment that they think the president harbors. What is lost in this conversation is when you say wall, the physical barrier, it is not actually what they say that they need to. Most of the time Democrats have said that they would support border security, just more personnel. More officers, additional technology like drones or surveillance. It is tune to make tools to get operational control. That is what Democrats have traditionally supported in the past. Usually they have supported it in conjunction with some form of legal citizenship for the illegal population. When we talk about the Democrats before this, with the gang of eight bill. That included massive provisions to increase legal immigration. They were getting a huge benefit to supporting border security which at that time was a nonpolitical easy thing for.”

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