Walter Dellinger: It’s a ‘Very Weak Claim’ By Giuliani That Mueller Can’t Interview Trump

‘The special council wants to know what Donald Trump’s state of mind’


DELLINGER: “Well I think it is relatively straightforward in the sense that there is a foreign corporation. A government owned subsidiary that is resisting turning over its records to the Mueller investigation, claiming that it is a foreign sovereign that has some immunity from U.S. Legal processes. That is not likely to be a winning argument in a criminal case. Especially that the court of appeals subpoena was unanimous and contained judges that are highly respected and run the spectrum of Republicans and Democrats on the court. I think that what we may be seeing, Ari is this could be the year of the Supreme Court for the mueller/trump standoff. I think this could be by far the least important of the cases that the U.S. Supreme Court hears on an expedited basis. What you just played with Rudy Giuliani resisting questions to the president. Other presidents as we know with Bill Clinton have testified before the jury. And I think as the very weak claim. The special council wants to know what Donald Trump’s state of mind. If he’s considering perhaps even naming him as an co-spiriter. He needs to interview the president and easily expedited case on the grand jury of the subpoena of the president. They could hear that cases. Also a case involving the house’s decision to subpoena the Mueller report.”

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