Lee Carter: I Don’t Think Anybody Really Wants Hillary Clinton To Run Again

‘I don’t think anybody really wants Hillary Clinton to run again’


HEGSETH: “Hillary Clinton, she is still around. Listen."
[clip starts]
REPORTER: "Do you want to run again?"
CLINTON: "No. No."
REPORTER: "Wait. There was a pause."
CLINTON: "Well, I'd like to be president."
[clip ends]
HEGSETH: "I would like to be president without the pesky election."
CARTER: "The thing is nobody really liked this message, it was very, it made her very relevant again. This comment made people talk about it for weeks. I think some people are still saying, do you think she meant that she would run again? That she really just wanted to be the president. She didn’t want to run but would be president? This put her on the map again. I think that might be what she wanted, but I also think that it was funny, lighthearted and it worked for her."
PAVLICH: "Democrat ratings were terrible across the board on that one." [crosstalk]
CARTER: "I don’t think anybody really wants her to run.”

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