Mark Steyn Mocks Media: Let’s Give Mueller Another 6 Years to See If Putin Colluded with Trump to Fill Iraq with MAGA Hats

‘I’m in favor of dropping MAGA hats on ISIS and killing them that way’


HEGSETH: "Is the president confused, Mark?"
STEYN: "No, I think these guys are confused. Look, I realize everything is a crime in America, its' very litigious society, but the ideas, guys, soldiers in these thankless camps -- you know, one of our allied prime ministers said to me, he went to them. You’ve been to them, I’ve been to them. They’re like crusader forts. You are in there. You can’t go outside. Outside, you know, all kind of people want to kill you. It's actually very psychologically stressful just being in those crusader forts. And the idea someone wants to accuse you of a breach of military regulations because you brought a hat to the president of the United States -- why don’t we get, Robert Mueller, let’s double his staff, and give him another six years, and see whether Putin colluded with Trump to fill Iraq full with MAGA hats. And actually I’m in favor of dropping MAGA hats on ISIS and killing them that way."

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