NYT Sports Columnist: Redskins Name Change ‘Has To Start with Us in the Media’

‘People are offended, and we have to move on’

NYT Sports Columnist: Redskins Name Change ‘Has To Start With Us In The Media’ (NewsBusters)

Like the steady beat of a drum, the liberal media’s war on the Washington Redskins’ name continues. On Saturday’s CBS This Morning, co-anchor Vanita Nair broached the topic during a discussion with The New York Times sports columnist Bill Rhoden. Nair asked if the Redskins might really change their name, and Rhoden replied with certitude, “Oh, they’re going to change it. And I think it has to start with us in the media.”

So it’s the media’s job to pressure professional sports teams into changing their names? Rhoden repeated his brash call to liberal activist journalism.

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