Haass: ‘Russia Has Been the Greatest Strategic Beneficiary Along with Iran’ of Trump’s Mid East Policy

‘Russia has been the greatest strategic beneficiary along with Iran’


HAASS: “Russia has been the greatest strategic beneficiary along with Iran. This began under the previous administration, under the Obama Administration when we wouldn’t get involved in places like Syria. Russia got involved. And now for Putin, in some ways, he’s undone, I don’t know, what, 25, 30 years of post-Cold War history, I want to even say going back longer. But he has essentially figured out a way on the cheap for Russia to re-enter the Middle East. Even people like Bibi Netanyahu, the embattled prime minister of Israel, spend more time shuttling to Moscow mow than they do to Washington. The reason is he understands who is willing to act in the Middle East. You may not like what the Russians are doing, I don't particularly admire what they do, but they are willing to act upon their interests as they see them. And, again, people are taking note. So what we’re doing is essentially forfeiting our influence and as you generously say, it’s increasing the disarray in this part of the world. But, Joe, I’m worried. Don’t you think the North Koreans are looking at this? How soon is it before North Korea will say, 'We’ll denuclearize, do something on nuclear weapons as soon as you Americans start moving your troops out of South Korea?' How will the Europeans look at this?”

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