Feinstein: Loretta Lynch Is ‘an Outstanding Role Model for Women’ and Politicians

Sen. Feinstein also criticized Republicans for using the confirmation process in order to discuss issues Lynch wasn’t involved with

“I'm going to very brief. This is really a hearing to discuss the qualifications of a nominee. In this case, a very distinguished, very exceptionally well-qualified nominee on virtually any area that one can state. I really don't want to see that diminished by a critique by various people of the administration. 

And to me, Loretta Lynch is an outstanding role model, not only for women, but for all of us in this arena because as you can see, so much of this area has become so partisan that here is the use of a hearing on the qualifications of a nominee to be used to criticize the administration in areas that Loretta Lynch had nothing to do wit. I guess that's the coin of our realm here. But, I mean, I remember with other nominations where if the issue was independence where nominees fully admitted, and the ranking member mentioned this, that they were a wing of the staff to the president. 

So I think we have a very special nominee in front of us. Very skilled, very determined, but most importantly, I think she is used to her life so well to be that combination of what was said by one newspaper, 'combination of velvet and steel'. And to see the impact of that on the strong support that she has for all of us in this arena I think is a kind of role model. There are a lot of people that know how to separate everybody. There are very few people that know how to bring people together again and really develop a kind of a consensus that can lead us forward.
And because this institution is so split, the role of Loretta Lynch in this day and age I don't think can be underestimated. So the fact that when Senator Leahy asked the question -- I forgot how he put it -- you know, which of you is in opposition to Loretta Lynch, no one raised their hand and I think it's that way through the nation. I think we should get on with business, we should see this woman conformed as quick as possible. Thank you very much. That’s my statement."

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