Rove on the Shutdown: Both Parties Ought To Wake Up and Realize It’s to Their Advantage To Find a Compromise

‘Otherwise the Democrats will introduce themselves, the new majority party in the house by depicting themselves as unnecessary obstructionist’


ROVE: "I wrote about it in my column tomorrow. You’ve got to have an end strategy and the President, by having that highly visible session in the Oval Office, highly unusual, made it hard for Democrats to sort of wiggle out of those positions and we saw Nancy Pelosi basically taunt him over the issue if you can’t get Republican votes, we’ve got Schumer in that meeting saying we don’t, the wall was ineffective. As you know from watching it, making legislation is sausage making and that’s not a pretty sight for the public to see sometimes. Better to try and see if you can cut those deals in the back, in the back room and then bring them out and have everybody explain. I think the answer is both parties ought to wake up and realize it’s to their advantage to find a compromise in which each side gets something. Otherwise, the Democrats will introduce themselves, the new majority party in the House by depicting themselves as unnecessary obstructionists."

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