CNN Debate Gets Heated as Stephen Moore Bashes Fed Chair: ‘Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

‘This predates Donald Trump as to whether or not there is deflation in the economy’


MOORE: “Look, I think Powell has been incompetent so far. I think every move he has made has caused a massive slump. We have a booming economy. There is a demand for dollars around the world. You have to be putting dollars into the economy and not taking it out. Look what happened to the oil look what is happening to the prices of commodities whether it is soybeans or wheat or cotton or minerals like copper, these are falling. That is a sign that we have deflation. It makes no sense in any kind of economic theory to say you raise interest rates when your deflation — this is what —”

FOROOHAR: “There is a real debate. This predates Donald Trump as to whether or not there is deflation in the economy. That is a debate that the fed should have and is having. That is a debate that should be had in an apolitical way. If you talk about firing — you automatically make the entire thing political. It’s the most ridiculous thing I have heard.”

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