Scarborough Tears Into Trump: Donald Trump Is on Track To Be the Worst President in History

‘Donald Trump is in desperate need to explain why the stock market is having its worst December since the Great Depression’

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SCARBOROUGH: “Donald Trump, at some point, needed to step up and show leadership. And if he couldn’t do it, then those around him who would influence him should have done it. As some of you know, I left the Republican Party less over Donald Trump than I did over the fact that almost every elected official in the GOP has bowed and scraped to Donald Trump. Treating this man, whose skills are objectively declining on a daily basis, they treated this man like he was an emperor wearing the finest clothes ever made when, in fact, objectively, Donald Trump is on track to be the worst president in modern times and perhaps ever, pushing even James Buchanan off that dubious perch. And I haven’t even brought up the Mueller investigation and the fact that this president has practically confessed to obstructing justice and violating campaign finance laws that are felonies. That are felonies, Republicans. You know, the coming events and that legal drama are going to be a large part of our collective 2019. But right now, world leaders, financial markets, members of Congress of both parties, even senior members of Donald Trump’s own administration are appalled and confused by his behavior. And they’re worried about the impact that his behavior is having on the real lives of real people all over America.”

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