Parkland’s Kasky: I Was Born in 2000 and I Was Raised on Mass Shootings; They’re Ramping Up

‘There have been so many mass shootings’


KASKY: “Well, I think the parkland movement is a very multi-facetted thing. I can that there were a lot of different people from a lot of different parts of the political and ideological spectrum who were able to come together and say, we have one common goal here and that is people can’t remember parkland as the city where everybody cried. There have been so many mass shootings. I was born in 2000, I was raised on these things, they were every year or so and they’re ramping up right now, but, you know, every time we turn on the TV there was a mass shooting and there were these mothers and parents crying, and all I knew after the shooting that there were a lot of politically charged things that were going through my mind, I certainly had political motivations when I found TD the March for our lives, but the first thing I thought was when people think parkland I can’t have them thinking about a bunch of crying people, I want them to think about a city that got up and said no matter what happens to us, no matter what you can do to us or to our kids we will come together and we will say we are stronger than any evil or hate that can attack us. And I think that that’s why the parkland movement has been so successful, whether it be, you know, no matter where you are politically, when people hear the word parkland they don’t think about crying, they don’t think about hurt, they don’t think about families being destroyed, they think about people standing up and people daring our country to do better, whether it be in gun control or school safety or whatever it is that you believe is the issue here, and it’s heart warming really to see that a lot of families have been able to be remembered as these strong resilient people. I mean, the victims’ families, so many of them have risen up and shown so much strength. There were several that ran for school board after their children were murdered months before. These are people who are strong and inspiring and being able to look back on everything that’s happened and see that so many people were able to take this horrible thing and make something out of it. It’s amazing really.”

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