CNN’s Cillizza on Sherrod Brown 2020: He Is an Interesting Dark Horse to Keep an Eye On

‘He is a middle-aged white guy, there are problems there’

CILLIZZA: "They will all go for that. Any candidate outside of Joe Biden who is going to try to find a way not in the middle but the centerish left. I like who David mentioned, Sherrod Brown. I absolutely think there’s possibility there."
BERMAN: "He’s both the left and Midwest."
CILLIZZA: "Liberal populist, has a proven vote getting record, he was the secretary of state in Ohio before being reelected. In 2018 he wins comfortably in a state that Donald Trump won comfort blood he in the Midwest two years before. Can he raise the money, can he fit the party? He is a middle-aged white guy, there are problems there, but we can pick apart any of these candidates. He is an interesting dark horse to keep an eye on."

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