Heilemann: ‘The Question We Have to Now Ask Ourselves Is What Does President Erdogan Have on Donald Trump’

‘Turkey may be very much at the center of this and Michael Flynn may hold the key to it’

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HEILEMANN: “you know, we all talk about Russia, what does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump? I think now one of the questions we have to ask ourselves is what does Erdogan have on Donald Trump? And Flynn is at the center of this. This week you have Judge Sullivan sitting in court, using the  phrase 'traitor' not with respect to Flynn and Russia but with respect to Flynn and Turkey, and wanting to have more of the documentation about what happened in this period during the transition, wanting to have more of those FBI 302s released so we can understand what Flynn was hiding, what he was lying about, why he was lying, his relationship to Erdogan, his relationship to Turkey. All of those things are now happening this week in this courtroom where Donald Trump who cut loose Michael Cohen, has trashed everyone who has turned against him and has been a cooperating witness or a rat, as he called Michael Cohen, continuing to cozy up to Mike Flynn. I don’t know how all these pieces come together, but they do suggest that as much as Russia is central to what’s going on with the Mueller probe and as much as Russia may have leverage over Donald Trump, they may not be the only country with leverage over Trump and that there may be a really important story here not only in terms of what happened in that time frame, but as it’s now currently playing out in real time on the global stage that there are more foreign countries that have leverage over Donald Trump perhaps than we thought, and that Turkey may be very much at the center of this and that Michael Flynn may hold the key to it."

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