‘No Thanks’: Fox’s Shep Smith Mocks Don Lemon’s CNN ‘Blizzardmobile’

‘If they told you to drive a Blizzardmobile, as some of our friends across town had to do that, I would trust my gut and say no thanks on that’

‘No Thanks’: Fox’s Shep Smith Mocks Don Lemon’s CNN Blizzardmobile (Mediaite)

Jon Stewart isn’t the only one who thought Don Lemon’s CNN Blizzardmobile was ridiculous. During an interview with Kennedy on Fox Business Network last night, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said he wouldn’t be caught dead reporting the news from the back seat of a car.

Kennedy asked Smith how he got so good at reporting on breaking news events. “It doesn’t reacquire a lot of preparation to deal with breaking news,” he told the new solo host.

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