Gregg Jarrett: Memo on Mueller Is a ‘Very Good Reason To Confirm Somebody Like William Barr’

‘The firing of James Comey is not obstruction of justice’


JARRETT: “This is a particularly well reasoned analysis of the law of obstruction of justice. It is not a reason for disqualification, and to the contrary it’s actually I’ve been very good reason to confirm somebody like William Barr. The firing of James Comey is not obstruction of justice, the law is very specific on obstruction. It has to be a corrupt purpose that allows a live or bribe sailing destruction of documents or falsifying information. The firing of James Comey is none of those things, and he even grudgingly admitted that the president was entitled to fire him for a reason, or no reason at all. So again the media and the Democrats that say, he must recuse himself or he is disqualified, frankly they don’t know what they are talking about. They have never read the accuse all regulations.”

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