DNC Chair on 2020: We’re Not Going To Be Talking About Hand Size; We’ll Talk About Health Care and Climate Change

‘We’re going to be talking about how we regain our democracy’


PEREZ: “Look at all of the candidates who were in first place in the summer before the election. We have 16 months before who didn’t make it to the mountaintop. I had the privilege, Chris, of meeting and working with many, many people who are considering running for president. They are spectacular. They have a story to tell. They’ve had careers of accomplishment and our goal is to make sure that the American people have an opportunity to see them, to kick the tires, to understand what they’re fighting for. And we’re going to be fighting and talking about the issues in these debates. Not talking about hand size, we’re talking about health care, we’re talking about climate, we’re going to be talking about how we regain our democracy. Your show tonight has been a compelling case study in why we have to elect a Democrat next year — in 2020 and what I want to make sure we do with this process is continue to earn trust and give folks a fair shake and make sure that as many eyeballs as possible have an opportunity to watch our candidates. Because I think we’re going to have a great stable of them.”

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