Jack Keane Slams Trump: ‘We Have Turned Over the Political Solution in Syria to the Iranians and Russians’

‘This is a huge strategic mistake that I hope the president is willing to reconsider’


BANDERAS: “What happens in Syria to the people of Syria, specifically because we won’t be there to defend them?"
KEANE: "Well, the -- the consequences are very significant. Because we said as part of our strategy in Syria not only did we want to contain Iran, that we wanted Iran to leave Syria and we intended to work toward that end. By -- by having a piece of ground in eastern Syria that we were able to drive ISIS out of and to stay the course there, what that gave us is a seat at the political table to get a political solution in Geneva. We just forfeited that. We have turned over the political solution in Syria to the Iranians and to the Russians, because we no longer will have that influence given we’re pulling up and walking out the door, much to the frustration of our allies in the region and also obviously in Syria. I do accept the president’s concern about our allies not doing enough. They clearly could do more."

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