Kilmeade on Judge Sullivan: I Shouldn’t Have Called Him a Clown But He Clearly Has a Problem with Trump

‘Maybe I shouldn’t have called him a clown’


NAPOLITANO: “I don’t know how the Supreme Court is going to go on I know the Trump administration is very unhappy with this because all those people they turned away now get to make an asylum application. What is an asylum application mean? It means a trial. Not before Judge Sullivan, but before an immigration judge at the border. "
KILMEADE: "Right. Maybe I shouldn’t have called him a clown but this guy clearly has a problem with this administration. He clearly does. After the way he acted with Michael Flynn --"
NAPOLITANO: "Well, Brian, I clearly agree with you, not on the clown comment but on the problem. If you hate a person in your courtroom, you have to get off the case."
KILMEADE: "Absolutely."
BILA: "Right."
NAPOLITANO: "If you hate General Flynn for whatever reason, you are not the right judge to be sentencing him. The most incendiary thing can you say in a public courtroom three star general that the general committed treason? What? When I heard that I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.” 

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