CNN’s Camerota Disappointed There Won’t Be a Successful GOP Challenger to Trump in 2020

‘You’re saying that you don’t think any Republican, the people who are sometimes talked about, the John Kasichs will challenge President Trump?’


ENTEN: “Sure. Let’s take a look where President Trump’s approval rating is right now among Republicans. He is very, very popular. 89 percent approval rating in the latest monthly aggregate from Gallup. And to me, you know, you are talking about, A, maybe there won’t be a South Carolina primary. I just ask the question, why? Why are you doing this? Because look at this. These are all the presidents, plus LBJ in ‘64, who had approval ratings of 80 percent or greater before their party’s primaries. All these guys had it. None of them faced major primary challenges. When you have an approval rating that’s as high as 89 percent, you’re not going to be challenged. You’re just very, very popular. Who is going to go in and challenge him?”
AVLON: “Particularly in South Carolina, my old home state. This guy’s approval rating is probably 95 percent.”
CAMEROTA: “Wait a second. Hold on. Time out. You’re saying that you don’t think any Republicans, the people who are sometimes talked about, the John Kasichs of the world will challenge President Trump?”

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