Tucker Carlson Fires Back Amid Sponsor Boycott over Anti-Migrant Remarks: ‘It Won’t Work…We’re Not Intimidated’

‘Our leaders demand that you shut up and accept this’

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CARLSON: “Meanwhile, the people profiting from the policy don’t want the rest of us to think about it too much. Those who won’t shut up get silenced. You have seen it a million times, it happens all the time. The enforcers scream, 'racist!' on Twitter, until everyone gets intimidated and changes the subject to the Russia investigation or some other distraction. It's a tactic, a well-worn one. Nobody thinks it's real. And it won’t work with this show, we are not intimidated. We plan to say what’s true until the last day. And the truth is, unregulated mass immigration has badly hurt this country’s natural landscape. Take a trip to or southwestern deserts if you don’t believe it. Thanks to illegal immigration, huge swaths of the region are covered with garbage and waste that degrade the soil and kill wildlife.” 

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