Sen. Chris Coons: Trump Sounds More Like a ‘Mob Boss’ than President

‘The president is clearly going after the rule of law and our criminal justice system’


COONS: "The President is clearly going after the rule of law and our criminal justice system and he’s undermining it. For the millions of people who follow closely what President Trump has to say on Twitter every day, the idea that the FBI broke into his attorney’s office runs right up against the foundation of our law, which is the FBI was executing a duly authorized warrant. Law enforcement, federal, state, local law enforcement doesn’t just break into people’s offices. They were executing a warrant issued with the approval of a judge. This is part of how investigations work. His use of the term 'rat' for Michael Cohen and mischaracterizing this as a break-in to his attorney’s office frankly makes him sound more like a mob boss than president of the United States."

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