Barrasso on the Wall: ‘There Are People Working on This To Get to a Conclusion So the Government Will Remain Open’

‘Which is what I believe the American people would prefer’


BARRASSO: “Well, there are a lot of things you need to do with border security. One is a physical barrier but also the technology, the manpower, the enforcement, all of those things, and our current laws are in some ways an incentive for people to come to this country illegally and they go through great risk and possibly great harm.”

BRENNAN: “So that could be a- another compromise like Senator Susan Collins was out there talking about a two and a half billion dollar compromise, rather than the 5 billion that the president is asking for.”

BARRASSO: “Well, get- there are people working on this to get to a conclusion so the government will remain open which is what I believe the American people would prefer.”

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