Tom Fitton: ‘Corrupt Duo’ of Comey and McCabe Targeted Flynn to Get a ‘Scalp’ on Their ‘Anti-Trump Campaign’

‘What an outrageous hypocrite [Comey]’


FITTON: “Documents confirm that general Flynn’s attorneys were right in raising about the way Flynn was approached and questioned. Confirms that the FBI agents, including period strzok didn’t see any indications of lying by Flynn. In fact, they believed he was telling the truth and that he believed he was telling the truth. On top of that you had Andrew McCabe, corrupt number two at the FBI been fired for lying since call up Flynn and say you know what? You don’t want to involve White House counsel here because we have to brings the Justice Department in which is a bunch of malarky and the idea that he did this to the national security advisor is unbelievable to me. Enough to we know whose idea was this? James Comey. “
HENRY: “Talk about that.”
FITTON: “This corrupt duo of Cuomo and Mccabe that is targeting Flynn for, what? He talked to the Russian ambassadors incoming national security advisor there was no reach to go after him but to target him and get a scalp as they barked around their anti-Trump campaign.”

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