Van Jones: ‘Everybody Knows that Trump Can’t Talk Without Lying’ So His Lawyers Are Terrified He’ll End Up in Jail

‘Now the entire world has to bend around this disability that the President has around the truth’


JONES: "It’s not good news. There’s a context here which we’ve now just gotten used to. It’s important to remind people. Why won’t the President sit down and have a conversation with Mueller? They could sit down. Most people wouldn’t want to do it. They’d lawyer up and they'd get it over with. Bill Clinton figured out a way to do that. The reality is, everybody knows — everybody knows that Trump can’t talk without lying. Now, this is a massive disability for anybody, let alone the head of a country that literally, his lawyers are terrified that if he opens his mouth, he cannot tell the truth and would wind up going to jail. So now the entire world has to bend around this disability that the President has around the truth. That’s just baked into the cake. Now you move beyond that. You’re in a situation where they hoped they’d be able to get rid of this thing by turning in some paperwork. This is a state of mind question. In this situation, when you’re trying to obstruct, you can do the same thing. Nobody says you didn’t have the right to do the things he did. The question is was it right to do it? Was he doing it for the right reasons? You only can figure that out in a conversation. So Mueller is not going to let this go. And at some point, I think you’ll have President Trump say, I would rather have this thing fought out at the Supreme Court level to determine once and for all whether I can be subpoenaed in a criminal investigation rather than just sit down and do what anybody else would do, what people do all around the country, all around the world and talk to the prosecutor."

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