CNN’s Kayyem: ‘The Number of People Who Are Now in Mueller’s Web Is Greater than the Number of People Still in Allegiance to the President’

‘People are jumping to the other side’

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KAYYEM: "It is. It seems like especially for a civil case or a case that’s not involving terrorism, I’m used to this in terrorism cases when you’re working with a defendant who might be worrisome from that perspective. So most federal courthouses and sorry to get, you know, tell Sara something that she may have saved some time today, most federal courthouses will have private elevators for the judges so you have to assume that’s how they got in. So, that’s probably what happened. And so these lawyers come in, and then they go out and get into their car. I don’t know who it is and there’s lots of speculation on Twitter. What I will say is the number of people who are now in Mueller’s web is greater than the number of people still in allegiance to the President. And that’s all I’m going to say. Right? I mean, in other words, what has happened in the last two weeks is that his circle is not only limited at this stage, but people are jumping to the other side. This appears to be someone who may not want to go — do so willingly but it sounds like Mueller’s finding them."

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