Paul: Obama Should Tell Saudi Leadership They Should Be Working Against Radical Islam

‘They need to quit funding radical Islamic schools in our country and around the world’

"I hope he [Obama] says to Saudi Arabia that we’d like them to help us and work with us instead of against us. I think a lot of the arms that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have poured into the Syrian war, the Syrian civil war have actually been hurting us. They have actually wound up in the hand of ISIS. So I hope the message to them is they need to be working against radical Islam. They need to quit funding radical Islamic schools in our country and around the world and they need to actually send ground troops in to help us fight ISIS ...

 Saudi Arabia needs to realize that most of the radical Islamists in the war there, the ISIS, are Sunnis and we need to have people from the civilized world of Sunni Islam, need to step up and that means Saudi Arabia. I think Saudi Arabia -- in 2013, 600 million tons of weapons were poured into the Syrian civil war and a lot of those were Saudi weapons and a lot of those wound up in the hand of ISIS. We’re now back there fighting against weapons that some of them were ours but some of them were our allies. So, Saudi Arabia needs to step up and be on our side and not be provoking the situation.”

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