CNN’s Burnett: ‘Are the Walls Closing In’ on Trump?

‘President Trump claims he never reimbursed The National Enquirer — ‘


BURNETT: “Outfront” next, breaking news, federal prosecutors now looking into the president’s inaugural committee. As we are learning, Trump himself was in the room talking with the “National Enquirer” publisher about hush money payments. Are the walls closing in on Trump? Plus President Trump claims he never reimbursed “The national enquirer” for allegedly paying off an alleged mistress, but that doesn’t matter. And it could be where Michael Cohen is sent to prison, so what’s life at the so-called castle behind bars? Let’s go “Outfront.” And good evening. I’m Erin Burnett. “Outfront” tonight, the breaking news, criminal investigation, president Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee is now under criminal investigation by dpral federal prosecutors in New York and again, the source of damaging information is Michael Cohen. According to the “Wall Street journal,” the investigation linked to materials seized from the investigation into Cohen and tonight the president is desperately trying to run away from his decade-long, more than decade-long fixer. Here’s White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders just moments ago.”

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