Tapper Calls out Trump’s ‘Bizarro-World’ Defense in Cohen Case

‘President Trump is, however, on tape discussing that payment with Michael Cohen’

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TAPPER: “The Wall Street Journal has even report that had AMI CEO David Pecker called off the reimbursement deal on the advice of his lawyer worried that it would be viewed as an in-kind campaign contribution. The Journal also reporting that Pecker asked Cohen to tear up that reimbursement agreement, but Cohen did not do so, and federal agents found it when they raided his office. President Trump is, however, on tape discussing that payment with Michael Cohen. Beyond that spin, there were some odd and false claims made by the President today such as that Cohen 'pled to two campaign charges which were not criminal,' which is a bizzaro world interpretation given that Cohen is going to prison for those criminal charges and others. The President also complained today that those two felony counts were simply added to Cohen’s docket to embarrass him, the President.”

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