CNN Panel: ‘Cohen Once Said He’d Take a Bullet for Mr. Trump … and Now He’s Stabbing Him in the Back’

‘Such a striking chapter today in the sense that Michael Cohen once said [he’d] take a bullet for Mr. Trump’


MURRAY: "This was his biggest fear when the special counsel was named. He felt like this investigation could extend anywhere and the biggest fear was always that it would extend into the family business, that it would put his kids at risk, and his legacy as a businessman at risk. Yes, Trump loves being president but he loves he created this sort of Trump enterprise."
KING: "And it's such a striking chapter today in the sense that Michael Cohen once said, 'I’d take a bullet for Mr. Trump,' standing up in court as he —"
PEREZ: "Now he's stabbing him in the back."
KING: "He said, 'I did it all because of Mr. Trump.'"

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