Mika: ‘Despicable’ That Republicans Are Dismissing Trump Hush Money Allegations

‘It’s a completely different standard from one president to the next’


BRZEZINSKI: "Now to what’s happening here at home. Some top Republicans are dismissing the allegations that Donald Trump directed his former fixer, Michael Cohen, to make illegal hush money payments to two women during the 2016 campaign. When asked if he had any concerns, Senator Orrin Hatch told CNN, 'The Democrats will do anything to hurt this president.' When he was told the allegations came from the Southern District of New York, Hatch said, 'Okay, but I don't care. All I can say is he's doing a good job as president.' Hatch was asked whether he was concerned about the allegations and he said. 'No, because I don’t think he was involved in crimes, because even then, you know, you can make anything a crime under the current laws.' Oh, my, he's turning into Trump. Honestly, these people are turning into Trump. 'If you want to, you can blow it way out of proportion. You can do a lot of things.' Louisiana senator John Kennedy told NBC News, 'Let me say this about Mr. Cohen: Jesus loves him, but everybody else thinks he’s an idiot. I think most Americans think he’s a sleazoid grifter. I can't imagine basing any kind of prosecution on the word of Mr. Cohen.' Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley also dismissed the allegations telling CNN they based it on what the liar says, so it hurts the credibility of it. That liar was employed as a close fixer for the President for more than a decade, but okay. And here is how House majority leader Kevin McCarthy responded to Congressman Adam Schiff’s concern that Donald Trump could face the real prospect of jail time for his role in directing Michael Cohen to make illegal payoffs during the presidential campaign."
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McCARTHY: "The President hires an attorney to solve a problem, he expects him to do it in a legal manner. I don’t see — and if Schiff is taking this beyond to go forward and say there’s an impeachable offense because of a campaign finance problem, there’s a lot of members in Congress who would have to leave for that same place."
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BRZEZINSKI: "Willie Geist, it’s incredible. To me, this is despicable."

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