Haass on Trump, Brexit, France Riots: ‘Things Have Turned Out Worse Than I Thought’

‘Things have turned out worse than I thought’


HAASS: "I wish they were one-offs, Mika, but at the risk of starting people’s day on a downer before they've had their second cup of coffee, this is now part of the new normal. You’ve got populism of the left, we're seeing that in France, real concerns about inequality, making ends meet. You’ve got politics to the right against immigration over cultural anxiety. And then against a back drop, as I said, what we used to call the west, no consensus and not a lot of will on how to organize the world. So you add this all up, the domestic challenges against authority, a lack of international cooperation, I never thought when I wrote a book with the word 'disarray' in the title I would be an optimist. Guess what? Things have turned out worse than I thought."

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