Chuck Todd Finds No Fault in Obama for Refusing Netanyahu Meeting

‘I think the impact is probably going to be more acute potentially in Israel itself’

Chuck Todd Finds No Fault In Obama Refusing To Meet With Netanyahu (NewsBusters)

Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director and moderator of Meet the Press, appeared on Sunday’s Today to preview his upcoming show and to discuss the fallout following the White House’s announcement that President Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits the United States in March.

Speaking to Today co-host Erica Hill, Todd found no fault in President Obama’s snub of Netanyahu and instead placed the blame squarely on the Israeli prime minister. Todd insisted that “the impact is probably going to be more acute potentially in Israel itself. I mean this is about Prime Minister Netanyahu, he's in an election year and one of the criticisms he's gotten is for strained relationships with President Obama."

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