Scarborough to Rand Paul: Making an Illegal Campaign Contribution Even in the State of Kentucky Is a Felony

‘That is a felony, even in the state of Kentucky, Rand Paul, that is a federal felony’


SCARBOROUGH: “Steve, let’s talk about — let’s move from Russia and the Mueller probe to what’s happening in the Southern District of New York. That prosecution that’s ongoing, as well as the investigation that is ongoing as well. We talked before about Andy McCarthy, suggesting on Fox News that Donald Trump is going to get indicted. You see his very clear statement, which is also the law of the land, the federal law, which is if you direct somebody to make an illegal campaign contribution, that is a felony. Even in the state of Kentucky, Rand Paul, that is a federal felony. And then you take it the next step and see how much — I will read what Andy McCarthy said. 'As we’ve just seen, it is a felony to cause another person to make an illegal contribution.' A federal felony. And then, of course, you look at the painstaking way Donald Trump went — how far out of his way Donald Trump went to hide those illegal campaign contributions and to direct them. It shows his intent. And then I want to get to the third point here, which is it wasn’t just a clerical error. This actually was an extraordinarily important illegal act which actually may have swayed the election, most likely swayed the election because you were following the campaign closely, obviously with the Clinton campaign. What would the impact have been if a porn star and a Playboy bunny had come out that last week and talked about their affairs with Donald Trump in 2006 right after he was married and when his wife was pregnant?”

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