Charlie Dent: I Have Always Been Surprised By Republicans Who Stand By Trump When More Shoes from Mueller Will Drop

‘Overtime, they will realize it’s a perilous place to be’


DENT: “Well, Fredricka, what I think happened is many congressional Republicans have made the calculation that it is safer for them politically to stand with the president. They are conditioned to be concerned about primaries, but I don’t think this is a good long-term strategy. Many Republicans are in safe seats and barely won their many others are not in such safe seats lost elections. Maybe when the con meep turns or maybe when this Mueller bombshell drops, maybe some will turn, but in the short-term, they tend to stick with him. Overtime, they will realize it’s a perilous place to be. Independents turned on him by 12 points. I have always been surprised that so many are willing to stand next to the president knowing his approval is so dismal and so many more shoes are about to drop.”


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