Ted Lieu: The Michael Cohen Filing Means Trump Committed Two Felonies

‘Michael Cohen’s two campaign finance felonies were directed by person named as individual one’


LIEU: "Thank you, Wolf, for your question. I have three takeaways from the three documents today. On the Paul Manafort filing, it is very disturbing that Paul Manafort still had communications with Trump Administration officials as late as this year. We want to know what did he talk to Trump Administration officials about. I also want to know, was Paul Manafort’s attorney complicit in these lies. That’s why Congresswoman Kathleen Rice and I sent a letter to New York state bar asking them to open an investigation into Paul Manafort’s attorney to see if he should be disbarred or charged with other unethical conduct. Second, under Michael Cohen filing from the special — Southern District of New York, what they say is Michael Cohen’s two campaign finance felonies were directed by person named as individual one. That person is Donald Trump. That means that Donald Trump also committed two felonies. Third, with the Michael Cohen filing from Robert Mueller, there’s a very telling line in there where Special Counsel Mueller says that essentially Michael Cohen should get some leniency because he gave Russia-related information core to the Special Counsel’s investigation. That means Mueller’s very aware that his core mission is Russia collusion, that these other crimes, whether it is campaign finance or obstruction of justice or perjury, those are tangential. He would not have said this if he did not intend to deliver on his core investigation."

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