Dershowitz on Cohen Memo: ‘Right Now, It Does Not Sound Like It’s Good News for Mueller’

‘It doesn’t sound like in Cohen they found a witness that will give them the key to the kingdom’

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DERSHOWITZ: "I think there are two possibilities. One that Cohen hasn’t really provided them very much or hasn't been completely cooperative. Or two, that by recommending a very, very harsh sentence, they are putting more pressure on Cohen maybe to come up with even more information because the Government has the power to get the sentence reduced afterward if they can tell a court that there was cooperation. So, right now, it does not sound like it’s good news for Mueller. It doesn’t sound like in Cohen they found a witness that will give them the key to the kingdom. So far the only solid evidence that he has provided is the campaign contribution issue. It’s a very, very weak case because the President is entitled to pay off women in order to help his family, help his brand. Even if it was to help the campaign, remember the timing, he would not have had to file anything until after the election. I think many courts would say no harm, no foul, even if he had filed it after the election, it would not have had and impact on the election. The campaign contribution case is an extraordinarily weak one. The evidence of him maybe wanting to build a tower in Moscow. That’s not a crime. It’s not collusion. If the President or somebody offered Putin, as some people have suggested, a penthouse on the top of the building in order to get a license to build the building, that would be different. But I've seen no evidence to support that quid pro quo."

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