Schieffer: After Yemen Collapse, Obama W.H. Once Again ‘Blindsided’ By World Events

‘It seems that once again we have been blind-sided by events ... it always seem to come as a surprise’

SCHIEFFER: "Let me ask you about this because I think this is what bothers a lot of people and certainly it's what the critics of this administration are talking about. It seems that once again we've been blind-sided by events, whether it is civil war in Syria, whether it is things that happened in Benghazi, whether it is suddenly the emergence of ISIS. It always seems to come as a surprise. Why is that?"

MCDONOUGH: “I disagree with the premise of the question, Bob. What I've seen, we've been investing enormous effort in Yemen as we have in Iraq against ISIL, in Syria as well. The point here, Bob, is that we're going to continue to see [indecipherable] political situations. We got to make sure that we are pressing on the leaders in those countries to resolve them transparently and pursuant to their constitutional processes. We will continue to do that."

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