Hugo Gurdon on Comey Investigation: ‘The Democrats Will Shut This Down’ When They Take Over

‘The Republicans actually have been divided on this’


GURDON: "Yeah, it certainly is, Bill. It's their last shot and the Democrats are right. The Democrats will shut this down in the new year when they take over the House. The Republicans actually have been divided on this. There were some, including Jim Jordan, who preferred not to have Comey and wanted to have Rod Rosenstein come in and talk about the revelation from 12 weeks ago that he was willing to wear a wire and even possibly consider the 25th Amendment to get rid of President Trump. But today what we’re going to hear in the hearing or what will come out is primarily a focus on the beginnings of the Russia investigation because there is even — accumulating evidence over lack of probity there that the FBI and the DoJ knew, even before they started this investigation, that Christopher Steele and the dossier were unreliable."

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