Rep. Steve Israel on Disputed N.C. Race: We Need International Election Observers

‘What’s ironic here is President Trump was ranting and raving about voter fraud’


ISRAEL: “It made me want to throw up, actually. It's like that movie character, 'I'm shocked, shocked that something like this would happen.' Look, in the United States, we actually send election observers to fledgling democracies to ensure the credibility of elections. It appears that now we have to do that in the United States. What’s ironic here is President Trump was ranting and raving about voter fraud. Now it clearly appears it helps Republicans. Look at Bladen County, let's just break down this Bladen County. 19 percent of absentee ballots were submitted by Republicans. 61 percent of those absentee ballots went to the Republican. That’s impossible. I chaired the DCCC. That doesn’t smell, it stinks. So I agree with Ryan. This election needs to be redone. This supposed winner of this election cannot be seated.”

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