CNN: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Expected to Resign Soon

‘I have been told by people who know John Kelly well and know the president well that it’s no longer a sustainable relationship’


COLLINS: “We are expecting John Kelly, the chief of staff, to resign in the coming days. That’s the mood in the White House right now because President Trump and his chief of staff, though they are 17 months into what has been a very tumultuous relationship, it is no longer seen as sustainable by either party, I'm being told by the sources inside the White House. John, the relationship has deteriorated so greatly over the last several weeks where John Kelly’s job security has essentially been seen as permanently endangered, and right now the President and his chief of staff are not even on speaking terms. Multiple West Wing officials believe that John Kelly could resign in the coming days, and they are essentially preparing themselves for a pretty big staff shake-up in the West Wing if that does occur, because then it will ask questions about one, who will replace John Kelly, and two, are the people who are seen as loyalist to John Kelly in this administration going to leave and follow him out the door of the White House?”

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