Eugene Robinson: The Saudi Relationship Is All About the Money According to Trump, ‘But Really It’s His Money’

‘This was always going to come down to money with Donald Trump’


ROBINSON: "No, it’s not too much to ask. And you heard the rationalization. The Saudi relationship is all about the money, according to President Trump. And really, it’s even more about his money. And in a sense, if you step back, I mean, this was always going to come down to money with Donald Trump. With everything we know about him. I — you know, one assumes, and actually we know, or we think we know, that, if not Mueller, than the Southern District of New York and New York State Attorney General’s Office and maybe the Manhattan District Attorney are all looking at various aspects of Trump’s money. There’s — and the Trump Organization, Trump Foundation, there’s a lawsuit going on about the emoluments clause, About — involving the states — surrounding states here, and it’s — you know, so, this is all sort of closing in, I think, or closing in on some truth about Trump and his business interests that potentially could be explosive."

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