MSNBC Panel Waxes Poetic on America ‘Dying’ Under Trump: ‘What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round at Last’

‘There’s something about this moment, something is gone’


GLAUDE: “Yeah, there’s something about this moment, something is gone. Something is dead and something is dying. The question is, what is going to be born in this aftermath? And I think Donald Trump represents — he could be the avatar of all of our sins, but something is dying. About — and it — the story we’ve told ourselves, about who we are as Americans, will have to come to terms with something in the coffin. It may be H.W. Bush here, 41, but something about who we are is dying. And Donald Trump represents this ugliness that has bubbled up from the dark, dank cellars of this country's. And the question for us is who will we be? Who we will be in the aftermath of this moment, in the after times?”

STEPHENS: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

WALLACE: "I can’t top that.”

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