WaPo’s Karen Attiah: Saudi Ambassador ‘Should Be Expelled from Washington’

‘He should be persona non-grata in the United States’


ATTIAH: “I mean, from the very start, right here, right now, today, the fact that a former — or the Saudi ambassador Khalid bin Salman flew to Washington, business as usual, likely with assurances from our government that he would not be persona non grata, I think absolutely, the first step is he should be expelled from Washington, he should be persona non grata in the United States. He played an active role in misleading the public, misleading all of us and luring Jamal to the consulate. So that should be first. Formally, yes, sanctions are a start, they're not an end. But definitely curtailing our support for the war in Yemen and calling for the freedom of activists and reformers that are still in jail unjustly, women activists that are being tortured, all of these things are necessary, must be done, I think.”

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