S.E. Cupp: Sen Gillibrand Seems to Have a ‘Dumbed Down Version of What Feminism Should Sound Like’

‘That’s so passé’


CUPP: “Well, look, she has run into this before. I don’t know if you remember earlier in the year, she said something like if it had been Lehman sisters instead of Lehman brothers, maybe the economy wouldn't have collapsed. She was mocked for that, too. She seems to have this really dumbed down version of what feminism should sound like and all it is in her mind is that women are better than men. That’s so passé, it was thrown out with bra burning. But also, it's not a national message. We know that she has presidential ambitions. You can run an empowering campaign for women without excluding men. And I happen to think if you poled a vast majority of people in this country, they don’t know what intersectionality is nor do they care, nor do they think it’s relevant. I think this was a progressive pander to the far left flank of her party and an attempt to sort of prove her progressive bona fides going into maybe a 2020 election. But it didn’t really ring true.”

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