Pelosi: I’m for Funding a Border Fence Because ‘That’s Not a Wall’

‘Well, you’re talking about fence, you’re not talking about a wall, now’

Pelosi: I’m for Funding a Border Fence Because ‘That’s Not a Wall’ (NTK Network)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters Thursday that she was fine supporting the continuing resolution, which is currently being debated in Congress and includes at least $1.3 billion in funding for a border fence because “that’s not a wall,” she said.

A reporter asked Pelosi whether she would support passing the continuing resolution, which includes around $1.3 billion for a border fence, citing that some Democratic House Members are concerned about such a continuing resolution.

“I mean, it depends on how you would spend the money. It’s border security. It’s about border security,” Pelosi said.

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