Andy Biggs: Comey’s a Hypocrite for Accusing People of Leaking When He’s Leaked Himself

‘We’ll learn a little bit how he manipulated the system to get a special counsel’


BIGGS: “There is a whole host of things that Mr. Comey knows and he's made statements on, some of them haven’t been consistent. We need to get to the bottom of that as well."
SMITH: "Obviously he tried hard not to have this happen. It is now happening. It will happen tomorrow morning. How long do you think this will go on?"
BIGGS: "Well the way the pattern goes, an hour for Republicans and an hour for Democrats and my guess it's going to go most of the day, maybe even into the evening a little bit. It's going to be a long deal."
SMITH: "And we’ll see the transcript in its entirety on Saturday, all the words Comey uses to answer those questions?"
BIGGS: "My understanding is they’re going to do an expedited transcription and that's going to be released within 24 hours of the hearing. So that would be on Saturday sometime."
SMITH: "I know that his -- is his expectation, Comey’s. He tweeted this: 'Grateful for a fair hearing from judge. Hard to protect my rights without being in contempt, which I don’t believe in. So will sit in the dark, but Republicans agree I’m free to talk when done and transcript released in 24 hours. This is the closest I can get to public testimony.' What ultimately will we learn from this tomorrow?"
BIGGS: "We’re going to learn, I think, Mr. Comey’s role in leaking information, and I think he is going to have some — there is some hypocrisy there. He accused people of leaking. And think we’re going to learn a little bit about how he manipulated the system to get a special counsel, using those leaks. We’re going to learn a little bit more about the personnel involved here and we're going to learn a whole lot, I think, about how the — he put his thumb it looks like on the Hillary Rodham Clinton investigation."

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