Hegseth: Netanyahu’s Opponents Are Trying to Beat Him Like with Trump Through a Witch Hunt

‘His opponents can’t beat him at the ballot box’


HEGSETH: “Interesting day with the prime minister. You go behind the scenes, and watch him operate."
DOOCY: "Pete, how did he seem? You know, he was also, I was just looking online, he is in a bit of hot water over there politically and maybe with other things. He is facing four different charges, suspected of accepting gifts. The Israeli police claim to have tape showing that he negotiated to get better news coverage, and things like that, it goes on and on. Is he in a lot of hot water over there?"
HEGSETH: "You know the press is talking a lot about it. He was asked about it today as well. But if you talk to his folks, they say because his opponents can’t beat him at the ballot box, they are trying to beat him much like they are doing to the president here through a witch-hunt. So they say these are old charges not related to anything of significance.”

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