Loesch: Gillibrand’s Tweet the ‘Future Is Female’ Is ‘Sexist,’ the Far-Left Thinks She’s a ‘Poser’

‘She is trying to reinvent herself’


KILMEADE: "All right. Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand rumored to be a 2020 contender, now leaving men out of her vision of the future."
EARHARDT: "In a tweet she claims quote, 'Our future is: female, intersectional, powered by belief in one another, and we’re just getting started.'"
DOOCY: "Radio talk show host Dana Loesch joins us right now live from Dallas. Dana, good morning to you. What do you think about that, the future is female?"
LOESCH: "Yeah. Well good morning to all of you as well. Well where are the men in the future? Because that sounds like a pretty boring future if it's just women."
KILMEADE: "Good news for ladies night."
LOESCH: "This is Kirsten Gillibrand, and I’m fascinated by the way, by her recent shift to the far left. She is trying to compete in a field with other Democrats who are, they’re very super progressive, very, very far left, very different from what the party used to be in the ‘90s. And she is trying to reinvent herself. And so she comes out with nonsense like this. This doesn’t even make any sense. It's silly. And you’re alienating half of America. And it's pretty sexist; it's a sexist tweet."

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