Goodwin: ‘Bush in Death Casts a Good Meaning Upon Trump, Who Handled It Pretty Gracefully’

‘The statement he put out was graceful, and they had a national day of mourning’


GOODWIN: "Well, you know what I saw in the last couple of days, anyway -- before looking at that awkward moment -- was that at this time, at least, I think President Bush, in death, cast a good meaning upon President Trump, who handled it pretty gracefully. The statement he put out first was very graceful, he had a national day of mourning, they went to the Blair House. And maybe there's a part of me that hopes OK, when they get there on that first row they're all going to shake hands and they'll be fine. But I guess all we could expect was what happened. You know, there's been so much tension between, especially, the Clintons and President Trump, and at least they all sat there together. There was a certain dignity and a classiness about it, so perhaps that's all we can ask. Although there's always that part of you that thinks OK, they're going to put their arms around each other and things are going to be fine, and we know that's not true."

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